Will Your Digital Health Innovation Engage This Century's Biggest Market?
Older adults are the power-users of healthcare. Learn how to design innovations that are usable and useful to them.

In this book, Dr. Leslie Kernisan reveals what it really takes to help seniors with their health. She offers insight and guidance on how to design digital health innovations that they'll use and recommend.

If you want to tap into this fast-growing market, read this book today.

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • Which specific challenges seniors face with today's health tools, and what they need from you.
  • How to check up-front for the real problems seniors need your tools to solve.
  • How the "medical care chain" gives you three markets to tap with your digital health tools, and how to engage users by identifying the needs of seniors, clinicians, and family caregivers.
  • Critical insights into how geriatricsthe art and science of modifying healthcare so that it works better for aging adults—can help you create better digital health tools.
  • Plus...You'll get a robust case study you can use for testing your own product at every stage in the process—from proof of concept, all the way to final design.
The market for digital tools for older adults is growing every day—read this book to find out how you can succeed in this critical market.
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  • A deeply practical guide for anyone building a tool or service for seniors, complex chronically ill patients, and their caregivers.”

    Matthew Holt

    Co-Chairman, Health 2.0
  • If you want to design tools that will meaningfully solve health problems for the elderly, read this book!

    Joyce Lee, MD MPH

    Doctor as Designer
  • Written from the front lines, and describes what will actually help people achieve better health while aging."

    e-Patient Dave deBronkart

    Patient Engagement Expert
  • If your app is explicitly or implicitly impacting the aged community, then this book is required reading.”

    Fred Trotter

    Co-Founder, Careset Systems 

Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH

About the Author

Leslie Kernisan (@GeriTechBlog) is a practicing geriatrician in search of digital health innovations that address what matters most: an effective collaboration between older adults, families, & clinicians.

A life-long tech enthusiast, Leslie believes that leveraging innovation is key to providing compassionate and effective healthcare to an aging population.

Her goal is to reduce the stress and suffering that countless seniors and their families endure, due to sub-optimal help with health and aging challenges.