About the author

GeriTech’s primary author is me, Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH. You can learn about my interest in technology via the interview above…or read on below.
[MANY thanks to Gregg Masters of Health Innovation Media for filming this, and Douglas Goldstein the eFuturist for interviewing me on the topic of aging and technology.]

I’m a practicing geriatrician in San Francisco with a particular interest in helping family caregivers. I have a small solo housecalls and geriatrics consultation practice (www.drkernisan.net).

I also have a background in public health and quality improvement, and have a long-standing interest in improving primary care for the community-dwelling elderly. My scholarly research has been published in JAMA and the Journal for Medical Internet Research. I completed residency, clinical fellowship, and research fellowship at UCSF, and am currently a Clinical Instructor in the Division of Geriatrics at UCSF.

I’m especially intrigued by tech innovations that can be used by in-the-trenches healthcare providers, and by elders and their families.

My blog posts on geriatrics and technology appear here, on The Health Care Blog, on KevinMD, and occasionally on other sites interested in healthcare for an aging America.

I’ve also been writing about geriatrics for caregivers for several years. From 2008-2013 I wrote for Caring.com, and currently I have a Geriatrics for Caregivers blog here.

You can learn more about me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/drlesliekernisan

You can also read the story of why I started my non-traditional consultative practice here: “Reimagining Geriatrics.”

Financial Disclosures

I have no significant financial ties with any technology companies or business ventures other than my own work as a consulting geriatrician and resource for caregivers.

I don’t engage in any paid marketing or promotion of apps, products, companies, or services.

I am occasionally paid to talk to companies about their products. This usually consists of providing focused feedback and advice regarding apps, products, and services related to the healthcare of older adults.

Generally I write about apps and products that I have no financial relationship with. If I have provided consulting services or otherwise have a financial relationship with an app or product I write about, I disclose it in the post.