Feedback on Apps and Services

Got an app that you think might be helpful to geriatricians, or to the caregivers of older adults?

Have an online product that can help coordinate care, or otherwise support the health needs of the elderly?

Thinking of reaching out to me?

I’m very glad to hear it! Now here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do send me an email describing your app or service. I especially enjoy hearing from those who’ve read some of my commentary, and think their product might help with the needs I describe.
  • And keep in mind that: 
    • I don’t have time to try all of the apps and products that I hear about. I wish I could, but it’s just not feasible.
    • I don’t generally join advisory boards or establish long-term relationships with companies. Sorry, but it’s not my thing.
    • I’m not available to market or otherwise promote a product or brand. If I come across something that’s interesting or that I like, I might blog about it. But generally I don’t like to have a financial interest or relationship with the companies I mention.
    • My availability to chat 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs is extremely limited. I like exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs and start-ups, but usually don’t have the time or bandwidth to meet in person or by phone. (Unless you want to talk via, in which case see below.)
    • I’m generally not in a position to donate advice to start-ups. Please understand that I’m self-funded, and my own projects bringing the geriatrics perspective to the public keep me pretty busy. So, as much as I appreciate your interest in addressing the needs of aging adults, I probably won’t have time to talk one-on-one unless you set up a consultation.
      • But hey, reading my blogs is free, as is following me on Twitter.
      • And definitely try to catch me at a Bay Area digital health event; love talking to people at events!

If you’d like my feedback or insights regarding your app or service

Due to the number of inquiries I get from people who want to talk to me about their product, app, or idea, I’m only scheduling chats and advice via

Please propose a time via Clarity if you want to tell me about your product, or get my insights.

I’m personally most interested in products and tools that can be used by patients, family caregivers, and front-line clinicians in the trenches.

I’m also available to talk about the geriatric approach to the healthcare of aging adults, including how tech solutions might be able to help. For more information, click here.

If you only want to give me a heads-up about your product, you can email me at info [AT] geritech [dot] org. Thanks.