For Family Caregivers

Are you a family caregiver looking for ideas on how to better manage the health needs of an aging adult?

If so, I hope you’ll consider visiting the Better Health While Aging website. On that site, I offer practical tips and suggestions on how you can help an older person maintain health and wellbeing.

I also post about upcoming caregiver education events, such as upcoming webinars on aging health.

About GeriTech and Caregivers

GeriTech itself is written for other clinicians and professionals interested in the health and wellbeing of aging adults. I really enjoy writing about geriatrics for the lay public. But, that’s not the focus of this particular blog.

That said, if you are a family caregiver, you are more than welcome to visit and comment! But, you will have to forgive me for including a fair bit of jargon and “shop talk.”

I do occasionally write about technology for seniors and caregivers on the Geriatrics for Caregivers blog, and hope to eventually expand on that type of healthcare information for caregivers of elders.

About the term “Caregiver”

In my blogs, I use the term “caregiver” to mainly refer to family, friends, and volunteers who have a personal relationship with an older person, and are helping with health and life tasks.

I use the terms “clinician,” “provider,” or “healthcare professional” to refer to doctors, nurses, and other people whose job it is to provide healthcare services to people.

Paid home aides or personal care aides fall into an interesting middle ground. They are professionals whose provide the most hands-on care, they work in people’s homes, and they often develop important relationships with their clients. I usually refer to them as “paid caregivers.”

I know some people use the term “caregiver” to refer to doctors, nurses, or other health professionals. I personally don’t do this since I find it makes the term “caregiver” too broad.