About the Blog

About the Blog:
GeriTech is a blog by and for clinicians interested in how technology can be used to provide better geriatrics care.

By geriatrics, I mean health care that is suitably modified to better fit the needs of aging adults.

Our patients are medically complex and require a lot of communication with family, caregivers, and other health providers. Unfortunately, aging adults and their families routinely suffer from sub-optimal care from the medical system — it’s not only plagued by a shortage of providers trained to address their special needs, but is also poorly designed to meet the needs of the complex patients who need the most help.

We must develop better ways to provide the effective compassionate health care our older adults deserve, at a financial cost that the nation can sustain.

This is a job for a lot of people, but in particular, this is a job for technological innovations that improve the care of patients with geriatric needs.

This blog is about those technological innovations: commentary and conversation on what there is now, what we geriatric providers need from technology, what we wish someone would develop, reviews on technological tools we try and like (or don’t), and a forum to ask for suggestions from clinicians facing similar problems to solve.

There is so much geriatrics need out there, but not nearly enough of us available to help. We need  technologies that allow us to do our work better: more efficiently, more effectively, more comprehensively. This will allow us to help more older adults and families, and also hopefully free us up to concentrate on the part of the job that I like the most: providing guidance and support to elders and families facing the health challenges of late-life.

To date, my experience has been that most healthcare technology has not been designed with the geriatric patient in mind. Perhaps eventually this blog can contribute to this changing.

All are welcome – healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, technology experts – but blog posts will mainly be written by geriatricians and other clinicians providing care to older Americans.

Guest Posts Welcome!
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