Dispatch from Medicine X: e-patients & geriatrics

This weekend I’m at the Medicine X conference in Stanford.

It’s quite an experience and soon I’ll be writing more about what I’ve seen and learned here…Dr. Larry Chu and his team have created something unique and inspiring, and I hope other academic conferences will eventually incorporate some of his innovations. (More on those soon!)

For now, let me say that one of the many highlights has been meeting so many e-patients, some of whom I’d already gotten to know via Twitter and the Society for Participatory Medicine (which I joined last December).

Now, as some know, I’ve been interested in educating and empowering the caregivers of elders for many years.

Today, e-Patient Dave deBronkart was kind enough to sit down and talk to me about how we might bring the e-patient vibe to geriatrics.

Technology is truly amazing: he recorded us with his iPad, sent it up to YouTube, and voila!

Now who’s going to help us support e-caregivers for elders, and older e-patients with multiple chronic illnesses? We have ideas but we’ll need help…

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