Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to recover a deleted Blogger draft post

This is going to be one of my very rare posts that has nothing to do with geriatrics, but since this morning I found myself frantically searching Google for the info above, I've decided to share what worked for me.

Let me start by saying that I did not find the answer on Google. What I found is "If the post wasn't published, I'm afraid it's gone." I also found instructions for retrieving a published then deleted Blogger post, but those didn't work for me because I had just deleted a draft.

Here's what worked for me:

1. Start typing "blogger" in your address bar, and your browser will start proposing recent webpages that begin with You'll notice that in the long string of URLs related to your blog, there is a blogID, and also a postID.

2. Start trying to load pages with different postIDs. Assuming you looked at your draft post recently, one of the URLs will reference the postID of your deleted post. In my case, it was the highlighted post ending in 072.

3. When I found the URL of my deleted post and tried to load it, I saw my post briefly, then it turned into this:

4. You can try to capture a screenshot of your deleted draft at this point. Better to retype it all than to have to recreate from scratch. But in my case, when I clicked close on the error message, my post was fully visible on the screen.

5. Copy and paste your draft, preferably to something other than Blogger. You'll keep getting error messages if you try to save the draft page on screen though.

6. Never forget that Blogger doesn't keep deleted drafts in a trashcan for you. This strikes me as a big flaw in the design, but there it is.

Hope this information is helpful to other beginner Blogger users out there.


  1. It worked for me. Thank You very much

  2. Oh my hat, you just saved my butt!! Thank you SO much!

  3. Many thanks, friend. You just saved 40 lines of poetry.

  4. This post has got me closest to finding my accidentally deleted draft...but when I see my drop-down bar there are not as many URL options as there are in your photo. The ones that are there take me to drafts from months ago. None of them take me to the draft I must have deleted last night!

    Any ideas??

  5. hm. Seems odd that you'd see URL options for older drafts but not for one you worked on more recently. Wish I had more ideas but I haven't had to troubleshoot an accidentally deleted draft since I wrote this post. Good luck!

  6. THANK YOU! just saved 2 hours of work.

  7. Thank you for this tip - just deleted one of my posts (after a muss up with an error posting, it showed as a draft and a published and I deleted the draft - it deleted the posted too - what a mess!) So glad I was able to get it back!

    An undo for deletions needs to be on Blogger!

  8. Thanks, this post just saved me a lot of re-typing.

  9. Thank you very much. I had students creating a blog and everything they finished was deleted! They were able to recover some of their lost information!

  10. THANK YOU. I almost died, I did not want to retype my English blog assignment.. My url brought the entire draft back up, I am very grateful right now!

  11. Help!
    You are the one who helped the most and I did everything but... when I finally got to the page... the post part was ... a white page... it means that it saved AFTER I deleted the draft... can you help me somehow?

    1. Oh, sorry to hear this!

      Unfortunately I'm not a Blogger expert; all I know is what I wrote back in 2012. Maybe someone else on the comment thread will have an idea?

      Good luck!

  12. How about if I am using my phone? :(


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